Petal Showers


Mamans Fleurs is a company which specialises in petal showers, providing brides and grooms with the opportunity to make an incredibly stunning entrance into their venue. Many of you are wondering what exactly is involved in the hire of a petal shower..  allow the founder of Mamans Fleurs to reveal all.

What is a petal shower? A petal shower is a large (metal or wooden, whichever you prefer) frame which we place on the aisle of your venue which elegantly drops petals onto the floor as you walk through it.

Is it like throwing confetti? With a petal shower you don’t need confetti to be thrown by anybody at the wedding because the frame distributes both petals and confetti beautifully, and the bridesmaids don’t have to worry about missing any action.

How do the petals fall? Elegantly. Beautifully. Any way you wish- fast, slow, it’s up to you. Our mechanisms are top secret though so we can’t say!

What if i don’t like the frame from other weddings? Prior to the wedding we arrange a meeting and discuss how we can set it up to suit your venue and wedding.

Will somebody stay at the wedding to run it? Yes, but we won’t get in your way. In fact, we let you take pictures with it running afterwards for an (small) additional cost.

Why aren’t there many videos online? The last thing we want to do is intrude on our clients privacy by posting their videos on social media. We have also previously relied on word of mouth advertising, so this was never any concern to us. But, we do appreciate that potential clients wish to see more and for this reason we allow them to see more videos in our office.

How can I contact the team? You can email or call 07708 398801. Alternatively, direct message the team on Instagram (@mamansfleurs) or Facebook (just search Mamans Fleurs).

Mamans Fleurs also sell flower boxes and supply wedding decor.

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram.




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