Dubai 2016

August 2016.

Day 1.

We flew from Manchester at 9am and landed in Dubai at 7.45pm local time. I was really worried about flying with a baby for the first time because it’s supposed to be really difficult but I was flying with 4 other family members so it was ok! Farid is such a good baby so I wasn’t surprised that there were no problems (well on this flight anyway!).

We stayed at the Movenpick, Jumeriah Beach Residence.

Day 2.

I woke up bright and early, baked my face, got my baby ready and headed to breakfast fresh and ready for the day much to everyone’s surprise; I was the one everyone thought would be KNACKERED and up late, but i just thought “I’m in Dubai, I ain’t sleeping in even if i’ve had no sleep. Who cares!”

Anyway, today was the pool, beach and Dubai Mall day. It was amazing, and the weather was beautiful! We ate at McDonald’s and Burger Fuel and had dessert at the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) where we watched the fountain show from the balcony..

Around 11pm Khuram and I left the grandparents to babysit and went to check out ‘The Walk at JBR.’ It was a cute night and I still cannot believe how little kids were out and about at midnight as if it was 4 o clock in the afternoon..

Day 3.

Wild Wadi day!! Boy, this was fun!! I’d actually never been to a water park before so I was really excited to see what all the commotion was about.. and I loved everything about it! We all took it in turns to look after baby Farid so that we all had the chance to have a go on the rides and by the end of the day we were all knackered.. but can I just say.. I am worse with water than I thought! I can swim but I’m just a wuss haha. And the hot dog was soooo delicious! I would go back there now just to have their hotdogs!!

When we got back to the hotel we ordered PIZZAAAA and watched the beautiful Dubai Marina fireworks display from my balcony.  Then @rababahamjad and I got ready for a girls catch up on ‘The Walk.’ The mocktail I ordered that night was amazinggggg.

Day 4.

Day 4 was basically a chill out day hanging out by the pool and browsing some malls, and in the evening us young’uns went on the desert safari. So yes, the food was a buffet… but obviously there’s hundreds of people  at the camp so if you’re at the back of the queue you’d be there all night. I saw the guy coming to announce that the buffet was open so I RAN TO THE FRONT OF THE QUEUE LIKE AN IDIOT before anyone else even had the chance to get up… and we all got served first. That was a dorky moment, but priceless and unforgettable.

Day 5.

On this day we chilled out at the hotel and beach in the morning, had lunch at the executives lounge on the top floor and then went to Dubai Mall where we had food and watched the fountain show again. We also had pancakes and just hung out together. It was a really  lovely and much needed slow-paced day.

Day 6.

Our last day! At 11 o clock we had to go to the airport in order to fly to Pakistan for two weeks (the next leg of our journey). Today I just wanted to visit the beach and pack because all of my stuff needed sorting and I knew it’d take me a while. Dubai was absolutely amazing and I am so glad I had the chance to just have a holiday and a breather after what was such a hectic and incredibly crazy year.

Can’t wait till next time, love you Dubai.


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