Law degree & a baby!

Sooooo… I’ve done it!! After a long and testing final year of university I have passed my degree and I’m now a law graduate!! I was in close reach of bagging a 1st Class Honours Degree but I’ve managed to graduate with a 2.1 which is great!! I studied for my exams weeks after giving birth to my little beaut and I worked my socks off so to get a 2.1 is amazing! Some people thought I couldn’t do it, but I did. Feels so good to have finished!

Since I sat the resit exams as my first attempt my course’s graduation ceremony has already been and gone but there is another one in a beautiful country club in November for post graduates and undergraduate students, like me, who missed the summer graduation. What I need to do now is find the perfect dress, plan my graduation dinner for afterwards and attend some open days to confirm where I want to do my masters and LPC!

Sannah x


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