Girl in Green

There have been sooo many times when I’ve been running late and have had to make do with the little time that I have to get fully ready. I mean, take this wedding I went to a few weeks ago. The outfit was literally last minute and my makeup was crazily done in half an hour. I had literally just done my everyday makeup plus a little bit more, threw some heavier lashes on, curled the ends of my hair whilst over-doing it with hairspray and VOILA I was good to go. I hate rushing but what can you do?

The trick is having a ‘go-to’ everything.  Take these pictures below: everything from my shoes to my hairstyle is my ‘go-to.’ Who cares how many times you use that blusher, or wear those shoes, or do the same eyeshadow. If it works for you, use it and be confident.


P.s how beautiful is the colour of my dress and the stage?!



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