Eid July 2016

Although I didn’t fast this year because I was taking care of my gorgeous little baby, there was absolutely nothing stopping me from getting involved in the festivities of Eid (the celebration of the end of Ramadan) and making sure that my gorgeous baby had a perfect day. First let me show you 2 of his outfits..

Now let me show you mine. I’d seen so many beautiful outfits in Janan but seeing as though I’m still slowly (but surely) shedding my pregnancy weight I figured there would be no point in purchasing a really pricey outfit for something I’d get rid of soon so I headed over to Leeds Road and found a beautiful outfit on sale for £30. For such a beautiful outfit I genuinely was shocked at the price



Comparing the dresses  like the one I bought to all the heavily sequined and typical in-your-face asian outfits I actually prefer the softly patterned, pretty coloured, much simpler ones. They’re easy on the eye, with a baby they make it easier to function and they’re just generally much more comfier, which is always a plus.



I love my hair here. It was dyed by my husband (yes you read that right) the night before.. doesn’t it look replenished! I used L’Oreal Creme Gloss in Natural Brown. I would definitely recommend it as my hair feels amazing and looks so healthy.


So we basically spent the day visiting friends and family and EATING. Oh, and taking pictures of course. I had to empty my phone onto my laptop because my storage was FULL of pictures of my beaut, and I’m glad I did because I was able to take lots and lots of beautiful pictures that I can stick in a photo album as my baby’s first Eid.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my day and as you can see I was really inspired by pastel colours and spring. Let me know if you like my outfit choice! And I hope to see you all again in my next post.

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Sannah Amjad




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