Modest Mamasita

Hey ya’ll, Rababah Amjad is back!

If you’ve been following my new Instagram account you’d know that my Instagram blogging is based on modest yet fashionable clothing and yes, beauty.. So, before reading on follow me! @rababah.amjad


So today’s cover-up essential is in the form of a kimono. The one featured today is from; one of Sannah Amjad’s favourite online stores!

FullSizeRender (9)

The key element of this outfit is simplicity; it’s just a three feature piece outfit. Simplicity is in at the moment and if you ask me it’s rather timeless! I chose to stick with very neutral colours because not everybody is comfortable with bright colours and crazy prints.So lets talk about the feature of the feature pieces, the kimono.


Originating from Japan the word kimono literally means ‘thing to wear’.. it can’t get simpler than that! This Kimono has long sleeves and a slightly flared cuff which gives it a fashion forward edge, and the best part of the kimono for me is the length. Very rarely does something flow beautifully long on me (I’m 5ft8.5 if you didn’t read the previous post).Another amazing thing about kimonos is the versatility of the product.. it can be worn in different seasons and can be paired with pretty much anything! This beautiful leaf printed kimono in particular is long and lightweight which means it’s perfect for the summer, yet can be paired with a turtle neck and work for autumn!

I paired the kimono with a nude, midi-dress from the modest fashion brand Aab; this dress made the whole outfit effortless yet elegant and chic. The only thing I would be weary of is the shape of the dress because it doesn’t have much shape which means the kimono has the potential to highlight your shape on behalf of the dress.

Also, since the dress is straight cut I had to buy a large – which is not my size – because I have a curvy body shape; I have wide hips and small waist so even if the dress fits at my waist it’s not getting over these hips (my hips really don’t lie!) So yeah, I bought myself a large and pulled in the waist with a belt. Anyway, seeing the plain nature of the dress and the hefty price tag for such an incredibly simple piece I came to the realisation that I could just sew another one myself (I’ll let you know how that gets on in another post).


Stuck with how else to wear a kimono? Well, you could easily pair a kimono (even mine) with a wide range of things! For example, black high waisted jeans and a black fitted top, or a bodycon, skater dress, or even a swing dress. Palazzos or Culottes, or cute denim shorts, anything goes with this perfect piece!

p.s I chose to go with leggings due to my shoes but to be honest I would have usually gone with tights; my favourite tights are by M&S.



And finally the shoes!!! Oh my how I found my first true love! Yes I said it, I LOVE THESE SHOES MORE THAN ANY MAN! (Not more than Sannah’s little boy though, he’s my babe for life!) My Christian Louboutin’s (style Uptown) have only just come out and are definitely worth the £575 price tag! They just lift the whole outfit and define the word SLAY! I apologise for the use of such word, but it was needed.

FullSizeRender (6)

This versatile cover-up debuted in a modest evening outfit should lift everyone’s spirits and I highly recommend you purchase all of these items as they are all a true investment and will be much used and loved, I promise you!

Hope you enjoyed my post.

Till next time, arrivederci my loves!

Rababah Amjad.

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