The Lazy Girl

Hey people, someone new here for you. I’m Rababah from @rababah.amjad on Instagram and happen to be the younger, taller, and weirder sister-in-law of Sannah Amjad your usual host. This week I am going to be writing a little about what I like and what is staple for me most of the year around, cover ups! May they be in the form of a blazer, kimono, or waist coats, they are a staple in everyones wardrobe!

Join me this week for an insight into my wardrobe.

To start off I am going with the ‘lazy girl look.’It really is simple.. find something that doesn’t need ironing and wear it right? No.

You may be lazy, but that’s not the way forward. To start, base your outfit around something major; for me this was the oversized blazer from H&M. Costing only £29.99, it is something you will definitely get your moneys worth out of.


I pared this blazer with a long, floral, oversized shirt from TK MAXX, yes, I know you all hate me for this, but any floral lightweight shirt will do you. I chose a light coloured shirt and floral to brighten the outfit, since technically it is summer but we are in England. The shirt is a good way to break up the outfit and still make it look like you tried in the morning (my shirt didn’t even need an iron, lucky me!)

You could go for a block colour, personally I would go for white, or a shocking red, alternatively you could go for this seasons hot look of stripes, vertical stripes are very flattering and easy to find this season, they are a must for every wardrobe and come in all different styles.

FullSizeRender (5)

For my bottoms I chose the ever controversial leggings! Its is socially acceptable to wear leggings and heels out? I think so! These are from TopShop and have served me well the 3 years I have owned them. I actually ended up buying 4 pairs since I loved them so much! Leggings are the easiest thing to wear; from going out, to lazing at home with your family to flying a long-haul flight.

Okay, so at this point, you are comfortable, and fashionable, you could easily slide on a pair of plimsoles, or ballet flats and you will still be fabulous, however, you could step it up a notch an go for some edgy black heels, I went for these lacy 4inch heels from Miss Selfridges, below you will see some other heeled options that I almost chose, however for someone who is 5ft8.5 I usually opt for the flats. This day I decided to embrace my height and add a few inches. This is an example of an effortless outfit, turned chic and ready for something a little more fancy.


Either of these boots would look great


And finally for the last part of the outfit, the bag! Now, I’m not one for a huge bag, or something annoying to hold, so this cross body bag by Fiorelli is the perfect thing for a casual day, anytime of the year. Simple, easy to hold, and goes with pretty much anything!

So here you go, this is the first of my staple coverups, comfy, simple, and fashion forward. Hope this helped some of you fellow lazy people… see you in the next post.

Adios me amours!

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Black Lace heels – Miss Selfridges

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  1. This blog is everythingggg 😍 Love that you posted where everything’s from definitely going to have a look 👌🏽👌🏽


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