Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Over the past couple of weeks I’d constantly been coming across this brand that i’d never heard about before… Gerard Cosmetics. The pictures and videos that people had posted of their products seriously made me just want to drool – and I don’t say that often. Their opaque packaging, gold details and slick finish just seemed so beautiful.

I wanted to see if their products were actually any good so I went onto and bought 3 Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks; one of their most hyped about products. Read on to see my verdict and some swatches..


I bought the shades Cher, Serenity and Everything Nice.

From left to right: Cher, Everything Nice and Serenity.

Verdict? When I first opened the parcel I was so happy as they looked amazing – sophisticated and expensive even though they’re only £9.50 each. I opened them up and the formula wasn’t gloopy at all, it was creamy and soft. When I tried them on they felt incredible and just glided on! My lips are quite dry even with every treatment under the sun so sometimes my lipstick comes off really easily but these applied very well and during the day didn’t budge at all. My lips also looked sooo plump!! 


So yes, they live up to the hype and I would definitely buy more.


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