A day at the registry office

5 months later and we did the English registry. I was looking forward to this day because it meant that we would be ‘officially’ married since Islamic marriages aren’t legally binding in the UK. Having an English marriage certificate would save us both a lot of hassle and it meant that I could change my name so our child would have the same surname as both of his parents.

It was an excuse to dress up and take pictures but we’d already had our wedding celebrations so this day wasn’t really a big deal to us. Being my pregnant self I wasn’t exactly excited about waking up at 7am to be ready for 9 am because I couldn’t exactly cope with anything that involved leaving the house earlier than 10 am because of good old morning sickness- but hey, I managed.

In the end  i’m glad we both decided to make an effort  because it was a nice and intimate affair that the 5 of us who went could cherish and remember forever.

p.s The wind also absolutely annihilated my hair. Sad times.




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