Chanel Chance Eau Vive EDT (Eau De Toilette) 

This morning I received a lovely little sample of Chanel’s fragrance ‘Chance Eau Vive’ and since I’ve tried this fragrance a few times now I just thought I’d share with you exactly what I thought (not that any of Chanel’s products have ever been underwhelming before.)

If you’re in to high end perfumes then you’d know that the majority of Chanel’s perfumes are incredibly iconic and instantly recognisable. Chanel are really pushing forward their ‘Chance’ range with their vibrant new campaign ad (directed by the lovely Jean-Paul Goude) celebrating female friendship.

Naturally, you’d expect ‘Eau Vive’ to live up to great expectations. However, I’ve heard/read countless reviews which refer to ‘Eau Vive’ as “dull”, “underwhelming” and “nothing special.” It’s not dull at all!! It’s sweet, light and youthful; trust me, I know when a fragrance is dull. The tinted pink coral is also such a lovely colour.

After spraying the EDT once or twice I was slightly underwhelmed as it was really weak, however after a few more sprays all I could smell was this unique bittersweet grapefruit scent combined with a dash of jasmine; sweet, playful, and strangely delicate.

In terms of longevity after four of five hours you begin to wonder whether it’s still there- but what’s nicer than seeing a women take effort in her appearance and touch up her fragrance? It’s a really pleasant scent so I wouldn’t mind if somebody was to re-apply this around me- the only issue would be to remember to carry it in your bag.


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