Rock Vibes

Beauty is not skin deep. The times where the world only looks at a person’s looks have long gone; people are only seen as beautiful if their personality shines.I’d also like to say that everyone is unique so there’s always going to be other people with different features than you- this doesn’t mean that you’re any less ‘beautiful’ or ‘pretty’ than you already are. You may be so used to your features that you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger. Just like you may wish to be somebody else, somebody else may be wishing to be you. This is something I learnt the hard way.

So.. Here is my makeup of the day. I’ve used light tones and textures on my face because I don’t suit heavy colours as I feel like it makes me look aged.


I have dry skin so I always have to moisturise before applying any foundation. I used the Dior Hydra Life BB Creme. This doesn’t clog my pores, provides intense hydration and gives me a very nice dewy look. It’s pricey but worth the investment for very smooth skin.



After hydrating my skin I then focused on applying my eyeshadow, eyeliner and lashes. Before applying any eyeshadow I used the Urban Decay Original Primer Potion- this allows the eyeshadow to stay on longer. I then used the first palette because it’s my absolute favourite; all the colours are just soooo beautiful and they all look great on my skin.

I used Virgin on the inner eye to make me look awake and more alert, on the crease I used dark horse, on the eye lid I used smog and on the outer corner I used Creep- this combination goes really well with eyeliner.

So, my eyeliner. I don’t spend a lot of money on eyeliners because I’m very particular when it comes to the hygiene of my eyes; I dispose of my eyeliners very frequently. I always vary what product I use on my upper lash line but for me the Collection 2000 Lasting Gel Liner is winning at the moment.

I applied this using the Real Techniques angled eyeliner brush. Then, I applied some Eyelure Naturalites Lashes in 030. These are amazing! They look so natural and glue on extremely well unlike other brands I’ve tried!

After this I applied a very thin coat of one of my favourite mascaras- the MAC Haute and Naughty Lash Mascara. It’s not ‘gloopy’ and rarely smudges, which is great.

I used the Collection eyebrow kit to shape my eyebrows- it’s amazing and is so cheap! Like my eyeliner, I vary what I use because I’ve found that every brand’s eyebrow palettes are more or less the same quality- Benefit, Mac, Collection 2000, Chanel- so I use the first thing I can grab my hands on. 


I applied another MAC product before my foundation: the Prep and Prime Skin Base Visage. This is a brilliant face primer and has a slight shimmer to it which prevents your face from looking really cakey or dull. I just use my hands to apply this, but make sure they’re always clean if you do this.

I didn’t actually wear concealer in this picture because I wanted my makeup to be really light, but when I do wear it I absolutely love the Estée Lauder double wear range as it has medium to full coverage and always covers my dark circles amazingly when I have them.

Using a damp Real Techniques beauty blender I then applied the Yves Saint Laurent Touché Clat foundation in the shade BD50 all over my face by pumping a little bit of foundation onto my hand, placing the side of the sponge onto the little ‘blob’ of foundation and then dabbing the sponge all over my face.

I love this foundation because it’s really light but has excellent coverage- it evens out my skin tone whilst making my skin look flawless. BD50 also matches my skin amazingly!


I love blushers and bronzers! They’re just the icing on the cake!!! They just give you that colour that your face needs and you can even use them to contour. I used the Urban Decay Flushed palette in the shade ‘Naked’ to highlight and contour my nose and cheeks (I wasn’t feeling creamy and heavy contouring today and it was the first one I could reach.)

Then, in the shade 876 for a bit more colour on my cheeks I used a Dior blusher using a MAC blusher brush.


For my lips I used another Dior product-  Rouge Dior Nude from Debenhams- because it always goes really nicely with the bronzer from the Naked flushed. Just like clothes it’s always good to match up your beauty products! Unfortunately, i can’t remember which lip liner I used because I have loads and I put it back straight away but never mind.


Finally, I applied some MAC Prep + Prime translucent finishing powder- it’s not a setting powder it’s a finishing powder. It provides an invisible way to set your makeup so that it doesn’t look too cakey.


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