My Journey Essentials

I live at University which means I’m always travelling to and from my hometown where my family are and my second home where my “student life” is. I usually catch the train because, stereotypically, i’m a rubbish driver.

Over the last 2 years I’ve taught myself how to pack effectively and efficiently so that I’m carrying the least amount of things as possible but have everything I could possibly need. I’ve come to the point where I pack everything 10 minutes before the taxi comes as opposed to last year when I was packing a whole day beforehand.. I’ve definitely found that the more you travel the more you realise what you’re carrying just for the sake of it.

Although I’m a light traveller I do say that it’s absolutely essential that what you do take with you does the job properly otherwise your journey (to anywhere!) will be a nightmare.

Here are some of my journey essentials..

My absolute favourite and affordable bag to take with me on long journeys is this sturdy oversized black bag from

“Martin” from Just Fab

It’s a favourite of mine because it’s EXTREMELY sturdy and fits so many items in it so it’s a perfect alternative to multiple smaller bags, or even a suitcase. It’s available in 9 different colours, has a removable strap and is faux leather and looks great. I’ve bought so many oversized bags from high street retailers such as Zara, River Island and Topshop but their straps have always started ripping because of how much I put in them! This one has lasted the longest.

When you’re out and about or travelling you may accidentally drop your phone so it’s good to invest in protection for your device. I’ve been an Apple fan since the very beginning and currently have an iPhone 6 but I’ve always hated the fact that their screens smash easily (or the fact that I’m maybe just very clumsy!..) It’s either a miracle that my current iPhone’s screen hasn’t yet smashed, or.. the products I have are great.

Tech21 covers for your phone,, are AMAZING. If it wasn’t for my Tech21 case my screen would probably be smashed by now because of how many times I drop my phone. Note that they’re not just for iPhones so have a look at their website or in any reputable phone store.

According to the company these cases are based on “impactology” which means they offer the most intelligent impact protection.. their cases are scientifically designed to reduce the impact when you drop your phone. They’re £24.99 but are 100% worth the investment if you’re always on the go.

I’ve also invested in a “Juice” charger from I originally bought this because I had gone home and forgotten my Apple charger- I went the whole day feeling like I’dforgotten something and I did. Guess what it was..

The wire is really long and the neck seems sturdy so there’s most likely no chance of it getting an infamous “turtleneck” and snapping in your bag. This means you don’t really have to worry about it, especially since it comes with a cute little juicy apple green pouch. It’s around £12.99 but definitely works and even has a light. Just be careful not to drop the plug on a hard surface though because the plastic doesn’t seem as hard as the Apple charger plug.

Water is also another ESSENTIAL. Not only does it hydrate you and keep you awake it’s so good for your skin and body in general. I cannot go anywhere without a bottle of water unless I know that it is available from there.

Occasionally when I’m travelling my hands begin to feel really dry, so carrying some moisturiser is always helpful. 
I bought this mini Dove purely pampering nourishing lotion from Superdrug for around £1.20 and it’s great. It’s not too big so it can fit into any (side) bag and if it runs out you can refill it using a bigger bottle because the top of the bottle comes off! The moisturiser itself doesn’t smell funny either and it feels really nice on your skin.

Hope it helps with your journey x


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