Makeup Storage


Make-up storage is a big issue for me because I’m one of those people that like my products to be easily accessible and exactly where I can find them. If you have a lot it can be hard to find certain items and nice things get forgotten about.

Acrylic drawers and organisers are so simple yet chic and stylish and absolutely perfect for people who like to be able to see everything that they have. They also look great on your dresser and allow you to compartmentalise everything to make life so much easier.

If you search “acrylic makeup storage” in they will no doubt come up, but they are generally quite small. Each drawer of the standard acrylic drawer can fit 1 naked palette and around 5/6 “Dior Star” foundations. I’ve also bought organisers and lipstick holders which, just like the drawers, are available in different variations. I didn’t spend over £15 on any of these so these are great if you don’t want to break the bank.

I then discovered which is the best website I have come across so far. Their boxes are sleek and stackable which means you can mix and match the sizes

You can also buy soft jewellery trays to fit inside your drawers which is such a good idea because it protects all your rings from scratching each other.

When I first opened the first ever parcel box from Muji I was actually so excited to see the product because it was tightly secured in layers of bubble wrap which suggested to me that it was the reputable company that I thought it was and thus a great product was waiting for me to open it up! Of course, they were clean, new and properly packaged.

When I was placing some of my foundations in a “wide” drawer I’m not going to lie I was slightly underwhelmed because I couldn’t fit even half of them in one drawer, but then I thought to myself well that’s why they’re variable, stackable and reasonably cheap.

You can see from the pictures what I can fit in the Muji drawers but definitely have a look around to see if you can find any more designs or different sizes to suit you.

It depends how much makeup you have and whether you’re one of those people, like me, who are always moving from place to place because of University. For this very reason I have stopped myself from buying really expensive ones just in case I break them whilst moving from place to place. I don’t have enough space to keep everything in these drawers so I definitely need to buy more but, overall, I would absolutely recommend them.


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