Silky Smooth Lips

When wearing a medium to full coverage foundation, such as YSL Touché Clat or Dior Star/Nude Air, if you don’t apply some colour to your lips they may look too bare, almost dead looking, for that sleek and stylish look you may be going for. However, if you have dry/chapped lips you can’t apply lipstick properly because it peels off and you end up with patchy and flaky lips. This does not look good at all and when it happens to me it’s extremely annoying.

Obviously, you could use a primer or base such as those from Chanel or Mac, but this only allows the lipstick to stay on longer- it doesn’t remove the dry/dead skin from your lips.

So, what is the solution?

Well a lot of beauty bloggers, such as Huda Kattan, say remove the dead skin from your lips with a damp tooth brush by using a circular motion with the bristles against your lips or alternatively, a towel. However, this hurts and it can leave your lips feeling extremely sore. I discovered a better solution.. This amazing Lip Scrub from Lush available either in Mint or Bubblegum! It’s around £5 and is a fabulous product for leaving your lips silky smooth.

The “bubblegum lip scrub” taste of candy floss and smells of bubblegum. It’s also not tested on animals and is gentle on your lips- what more could you ask for in this quirky lip product! Conclusion: if you want super smooth lips you should definitely try this product from Lush.


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