Wavy Hair NO products 

Believe it or not you can actually get wavy hair without using any hair products. Obviously this excludes shampoo and conditioner which, of course, every girl has to use as a basic rule.

I usually use curlers or salt spray and serum by Trevor Sorbie or Vo5, but sometimes I just like to let my hair be its natural self for a while.. In this picture the only thing I used was my hands and two plaits! 

After showering I towel dried my hair and let it dry for around 10 minutes. Then, I sectioned my hair into two and plaited them into two seperate plaits. If you don’t know how to plait hair follow this, or get somebody else to do it.


Tighten the plaits as much as you like depending on the type of waves you want- generally, tighter plaits give you waves with more dimension. It doesn’t matter how scruffy or neat the plaits are because the outcome will more or less be the same. 

After half an hour or so undo the plaits and voila the waves will be there. How simple! I recommend that you DO NOT brush your hair if you want them to appear tousled and natural. I hardly even brush my hair anyway; I just use my hands. It prevents my hair from becoming damaged and too dry. 

If your hair is too frizzy to handle once it’s dry, use some hair serum or treat your hair with some Argan Oil from the roots right down to the tips, available from any drug store.  


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